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Breaking news! The San Francisco Chronicle has endorsed Jeanette Quick for City College Board! Read more here.

I am running for City College Board on November 3 because of what I have seen as a City College student the past three years. Our community college is on brink of failure. We need a passionate, experienced, and proven leader to turn it around. 

What we are up against with City College:

  • Financial collapse. The college is again at risk of losing its accreditation, and has cycled through its sixth Chancellor in as many years.

  • Bad budget decisions and dropping enrollment, which means that it is losing even more of its state funding.

  • Decisions have often been made in the dark–with very little warning or public accountability.

  • Unequal access. Only 8% of City College students transfer to a university. Only 1 in 4 Black students graduate, and only 1 in 5 Latinx students graduate. City College clearly needs to do more to ensure that historically marginalized communities stay on track to graduate. The resource centers are under-resourced, many of the campuses are dilapidated, and the online course system is outdated.

  • Low faculty diversity and limited services for to encourage a diverse student body.

  • COVID-19 has the potential to push City College into failure–particularly as the city and state budgets become more strained and enrollment drops.

As Trustee, I will:

  • Stabilize the budget with increased public and private funding and evaluation of existing expenditures, including funds spent on consultants, lawyers, and marketers.

  • Increase enrollment and provide dedicated resources to immigrants, Asian, Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+, Native, Indigenous, and housing-insecure students to ensure they have the tools they need to graduate, transfer, and thrive at City College.

  • Plan strategic public benchmarks for the Board and administrators, including progress reports on the path to accreditation stability.

  • Hire a new Chancellor with expertise in balancing budgets and strategic execution.

  • Stop the class cuts and faculty layoffs by working closely with the faculty and students 

  • Develop job pipelines with the tech companies in our backyard.

  • Modernize the College's technology partnerships and infrastructure to ensure that City College survives COVID-19.

  • Responsibly oversee the spending of the recent $845 million bond to update City College's buildings.

  • Develop programs to help unemployed individuals learn new skills or change careers and work with the City to increase awareness of City College for the newly unemployed.

Why you should elect me for the job:

  • Specialist in financial regulation: out of the 11 candidates, I am the only one that has extensive financial sector experience.

  • Senior advisor to two US senators on abusive for-profit colleges and the student loan crisis.

  • City College student (for 3 years running!)

  • 1st generation immigrant

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UC Berkeley, Jurisdoctorate from Georgetown University, and Creative Writing Certificate from City College.

  • 15 years of experience as an attorney fighting for consumer protection and student rights.

  • My mix of government and private sector experience as an attorney will add diversity to the Board of Trustees, which is currently composed of many public sector candidates.

Why this race matters to me:

  • Three years of taking classes at CCSF has given me unique insight into the College's issues and subpar technology infrastructure. I have seen firsthand how unstable City College is for its students and faculty. When 350+ classes were cut this past semester, many of my classmates that had been on track to transfer to a university saw their dreams disappear overnight. I heard from many professors whose classes were slashed and the 2,000+ individuals in the Older Adults program that was eliminated. This needs to end. 

  • San Franciscans need someone with a financial background, passion for City College, and a vision for how to turn City College around before it is too late. We need a new plan for how to increase revenue for City College–and I have a plan to do this through private sector partnerships, increasing government funding, and evaluating existing expenditures.

  • I worked closely with hundreds of students and teachers while I earned my Creative Writing Certificate. When I was Fiction Editor for Forum, the CCSF literary magazine, I read countless submissions from people of all walks of life and backgrounds within the community. It is clear to me that City College–which is one of the largest community colleges in the country–is an integral part of the lives of nearly 60,000 San Franciscans. 

  • I am the daughter of a Vietnamese immigrant. I know how important education is to realizing one's dreams and how hard it can be to get that education, and how important it is to cultivate a college environment where all are welcome.

As one of the ONLY candidates with private sector experience, we need creative thinking about how to bring the private sector to the table to expand City College's workforce pipeline and expand the College's funding. I will be that bridge.







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